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Senatore Cappelli Biscuits

Senatore Cappelli Biscuit combines the quality of Cappelli Flour with the delicate aroma and refined taste of typical Gargano EVO Oil.

Demerara Cane Sugar adds a unique fragrance to Biscuit.

Thanks to its unique flavor and refined taste, Senatore Cappelli Biscuit is ideal for a healthy breakfast without sacrificing taste or as snack during the day.

Contains only Organic Vegetal Ingredients!

IngredientsNutritional Values 100g
Whole Emmer Flour* (63%)Energy 1828KJ/434Kcal
Extra Virgin Olive Oil* (13%)Fat/13g
Demerara Cane Sugar*Carbohydrate/68g
Rice Syrup*
[Rice Flour*, Water]
Dietary Fiber/2,5g
Sodium Bicarbonate
(Rising Agent)
May Contain:
nuts, sesame seeds,

milk, soy, eggs
*from Organic Farming

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