About Us

About Us

Bio Gargano combines passion, tradition and new technologies to make bakery products with a modern touch. We offer quality products typical of our rich land: Gargano.

In every stage of processing, from the selection of raw ingredients to the packaging, we act in full respect of the Environment and Environmental Sustainability.

Raw Ingredients

Our products are 100% Bio Certified and we use local raw ingredients available in the short supply chain (Farm to Table) such as: Flours, EVO Oil, Eggs, Wine, Almonds, Flavors and various Seeds.


For the baking we use Pellet ovens.

Pellet is a high-yield ecological fuel obtained from waste materials such as sawdust and carpentry processes (which in this way are enhanced) thus avoiding the felling of whole trees. Pellet combustion has a zero environmental impact since there are no additives and / or chemicals inside.


The packs of our products are Biodegradable and Plastic Free so they can be thrown in the wet. The compostable material they are made of is Cellulose Pulp derived from sustainable forests.

Bio Gargano

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