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Wholemeal Senatore Cappelli Bruschettas

Typical of the Mediterranean Area, Bruschetta represents the values ​​of the past. Once upon a time “throwing away” the bread was a real sacrilege, hence the bruschetta, or toasting the hardened bread and giving back concreteness to the bread itself. Today bruschetta is the most famous Made in Italy aperitif in the world.

In this variant we have used genuine products such as Whole Senatore Cappelli Flour and EVO Oil, combined with the lightness of our Sourdough for leavening. Excellent for spreading your Bio preserves, or as a classic aperitif to pair with cheeses, cold cuts etc.

Contains only Organic Vegetal Ingredients!

IngredientsNutritional Values 100g
Whole Durum Wheat Flour Cappelli* (53%)Energy 2197KJ/523Kcal
Durum Wheat Flour Cappelli* (17%)Fat/18g
Extra Virgin Olive Oil* (16%)Carbohydrate/73g
Sourdough of Durum Wheat Flour Cappelli* (12,5%)
[Durum Wheat Flour Cappelli*, Water]
Dietary Fiber/5,2g
May Contain:
nuts, sesame seeds, soy
*from Organic Farming

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