Scaldatelli di Farro Integrale en

Wholemeal Spelt Scaldatelli

Scaldatello is among the main products of Gargano tradition. Much like Tarallo, Scaldatello differs in its elongated shape.

To make Spelt and Turmeric Scaldatelli we were inspired by the original recipe by combining the unique taste of Whole Spelt Flour with the aroma and authenticity of the EVO Oil (both typical Gargano products).

Tasty and crumbly Wholemeal Spelt Scaldatelli are perfect both to accompany a good aperitif with friends and as snack during the day.

Contains only Organic Vegetal Ingredients!

IngredientsNutritional Values 100g
Whole Emmer Flour* (64%)Energy 1466KJ/350Kcal
Extra Virgin Olive Oil* (13%)Fat/15g
White Wine*Carbohydrate/41g
WaterDietary Fiber/6,3g
May Contain:
nuts, sesame seeds, soy
*from Organic Farming

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